Speech and Consequences

The First Amendment took another hit last night. Dr Laura Schlessinger has decided to end her show so that she could exercise her First Amendment rights. Not that she hasn’t been exercising her First Amendment rights all along by broadcasting a daily radio show where she gives opinionated opinions on subjects that have nothing to do with her PhD inĀ  Physiology. Dr Laura just doesn’t like the fact that people can organize against her opinions by boycotting sponsors and protesting to her syndication network. Schlessinger has decided to use books You Tube, her blog, and her website.

I hope that she shuts down her comment fields on her blog and You Tube channels because the Internet can be much more brutal than any advertiser boycott. She will be able to control it to a point, but once it goes viral, she will lose whatever control that she thinks that she has.

The biggest lesson that Dr. Laura can take away from this is that free speech goes both ways. She can say whatever she wants and we have the right to comment back. That is what free speech is about.

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