This Is How Adults Act

For those who have been living in an alternative universe, there was a story this week in sports that shows how adults should act on a daily basis. The short version is this:Armando Galarraga a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers was one out from pitching a perfect game (27 batters up, 27 batters out with no hits, errors).  The last out was at the plate and hit the ball to be thrown out at first, everyone thought the batter was out except for Jim Joyce, the first base umpire. Joyce calls him safe, thus ruining Galaraga’s perfect game. Despite protestations from the Tiger’s management Joyce stands by his call until after the game when he sees the replay. Joyce realizes that he blew the call, promptly admits to the press that he blew the call and apologizes.

Now, you would assume that Armando Galarraga is screaming about how his rights have been trampled and how the umpire is an idiot. However, that not what he does. He forgives the umpire saying that we all make mistakes. Politicians, preachers, and common folk take notice he forgives him.

I am somewhat late to the list of commenters on this. I would however, like to point something out. Here are two men who deserve to be pointed out as role models at least for this act. Here are two men who act the way we’re supposed to act, who deserve to be role models. All too often we elevate people to “role model” status simply because they are  proficient at a sport, they can sing or act well, or because they’ve become popular. When these so-called role models fail, we deride them for not being a good role model. Kinda silly isn’t it? Simply because an athlete excels at their sport doesn’t and should not correlate with being a role model. What we should be doing is looking for people who have the personal character to become role models.

So, this week we found 2 bona fide role models. Their role model status being built not on their perfections, rather their imperfections.

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