Things That Perplex Me

So, there’s one of these automatic paper towel dispensers in the Men’s Room where I work. Wave your hand and it dispenses a slightly less than adequate piece of paper towel for drying. It’s a pain since it waits several seconds to allow you another piece of paper towel. However, there are times that you will be in Men’s Room nowhere near the dispenser when it randomly dispenses on its own. Does it get lonely? Is it trying to make amends for all of the times that it fails to dispense on a timely basis? I’m not sure.

Then there’s the auto flush toilets that are found in almost any high traffic public toilet area. As you sit there doing your business, it suddenly flushes. Did I spend too much time? Does it assume that I’ve read through the first section of the newspaper? I’m not sure.

While Men’s Room appliances that appear to have a mind of their own may not be such a big deal, they still defy a level of sensibility. Both appliances work on the basis of motion, so what triggers them to work when there seems to be no motion? These things perplex me . They keep me up at night wondering about the nature of automated bathroom appliances.

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