Should Moms Work?

Take a listen to John Piper’s view on moms working outside the home.

Okay, glad to have you back.

Point # 1 During Piper’s answer he never once quoted scripture to back up his position. I suspect that he doesn’t quote any scripture is that there really isn’t any scripture that directly supports his view. If he has a personal view that moms should stay at home, then state that as an opinion,

Point # 2 I haven’t heard stay at home moms denigrated in a long time. I believe that most contemporary men and women see running a household as a complex function that requires certain skill sets. Not all women inherently have that skill set. Contrary to what some believe, not all women are instant homemakers. Some have the skills, some may acquire them, and some never will.

Point # 3 The problems in the current Christian American Family are not solved by Stay at Home Moms (SAHMs). The most successful families have both parents intact and functioning within the family. It really doesn’t matter what “role” they play. I know of  one family where the father stays home and the mother works. There’s a stable home environment where the children are loved and nurtured  by both dad and mom. Her career has more earning power than his. He can do his job from home with occasional trips. Generally speaking his mom watches the children with a back up babysitter. The children are well adjusted and seem to be doing fine, thank you.

Finally, I would like to suggest that there is no ideal Christian family. The motive to create such a family has more to do with how we perceive the culture around us with its failings than it does with any Biblical view. In short, there are those who want to create a template marriage that can be pointed to as sermon illustrations. Like  2,000 years ago or even 150 years ago our family structure has adapted to the needs of the day. It is both unfair and disingenuous to state that what may have been  good 50 years ago will work today. Women are better educated and the economic conditions are such that what happened during the 1950’s cannot be duplicated. Husbands and wives are often working not to keep up a high standard of living, but to simply survive. The economic conditions cannot be easily swept away because they don’t fit the narrative that Piper would like to keep. God leads each of us with our talents and gifts. It may be more important for us to understand how God leads than to lay down a template that was created for another time and condition.

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