Believing Your Own PR

Recently, I came across this picture at Jesus Need New PR

I found it a little humorous. I don’t like Thomas Kinkade’s work. I find it to be formulaic and a little too commercial for my taste. Although, there are many people who really like his work (including my mother). Kinkade has cultivated a distinctly Christian audience. An audience who wants nice pictures to hang in their house. An audience who would not be caught dead in any type of modern art gallery.

Kinkade’s world started to unravel a few years ago. His business practices were brought into question by thoseĀ  who bought gallery franchises to sell his work. There were other stories about drinking and some rather rude behavior.and ultimately bankruptcy for part of his operations.

Although there is a part of me who would like to gloat about his failure and fall. I really dislike his work intensely. I think there is a real lesson to be learned. Thomas Kinkade believed his own PR. He lacked humility. For all of us who are in some type of creative work. Whether it’s writing, painting, photography, or even creating sermons , we need to keep our perspective and stay humble. The slightly modified Kinkade image is an excellent reminder of what can happen if we don’t keep our gaze where it belongs…on Jesus.

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