Where Pat Robertson Got It Wrong

If you turn to the OldĀ  Testament book of Genesis, there is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Two towns whose sins were so bad the God decided to obliterate them from the earth. When the patriarch Abraham heard of God’s plans he begged for mercy for the towns. His argument went something like this:

“If there are 100 righteous people will you promise not to destroy the towns?” God answered that He wouldn’t. And so, Abraham whittled God down to 10. God virtually agreed that no righteous people would be caught up in the destruction. He accomplished this by having Lot and his family escape before the destruction, leaving no righteous people in the towns.

Pat Robertson seems to run from a different view. That God’s wrath pours out on the good and the bad. Essentially, that’s bad theology since God (if He chose) is perfectly capable of saving those who are righteous. In short, Pat believes that God throws out the baby with the bath water for a sin that occurred over 200 years ago. There are no people alive today that were even alive when the supposed pact with Satan was made. In Pat’s world, there can be no real compassion from God. We’re all just a small step away from being obliterated.

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Pat Robertson, Please Shut Up

For whatever reason, Pat Robertson fancies himself a prophet of God. Hint: He’s not. He’s been off mark too many times to be getting his prophecies from God.

The truth is that Pat likes to make a big media stir. Hence, every time there is a disaster (natural or man-made) Pat is there to tell us that God is sending judgment for real or perceived sins. The media then picks up his idiocy as representative of Christian thought. Pat’s thoughts are only representative of Pat’s thoughts. He is, unfortunately, more interested in publicity than he is in actually doing good.

Pat, this is a time for helping those in harm’s way in Haiti. It is time for helping, mourning, and healing. This is NOT a time for half-baked “prophecies” to get you publicity.

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