A little background: On June 1,2006 I had a liver/kidney transplant. My condition is caused by an auto-immune issue in my body.  I have been diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC),  The PSC deteriorated my natural liver to the point where it was barely functioning when I was transplanted. My kidney problems were caused by the failure of the liver.

When I was transplanted, I got a second chance at life.  Having a transplant gives you pause. In my case, someone had to die for me to live (one day I’ll write a post on this as an archetype of Christ).  I certainly didn’t cause that person’s death, but without it I wouldn’t be posting this.

I’ve found that I’ve had moments of incredulity when it comes to the transplant. I go through times when I can’t believe that it all happened to me. One look in the mirror solves that fit of unbelief. Although my incisions have long healed, there are still some faint scars even after 4 years.

Overall, I have no negative thoughts about the transplant operation or recovery. I did not spend any time trying to blame God for what happened.I am particularly Blessed from God with a wonderful life without whom I would not have made it. I also gained a couple of friends, one of whom I’ve become very close with.

I’ve learned a lot from the experience, trusting God, prayer,patience, and faith among them. I wish I could say that I’ve become accomplished at each one of those items, I haven’t I still struggle with each and everyone of them. The only difference is now I have a pointer. When I get too down, I think back to the transplant. If God can do that, certainly God is big enough to solve this.

If you haven’t done so, get registered to donate. Here’s a link to Donate Life. They can direct you to your state resources.

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