President Obama’s Christianity

For a while, President Obama’s religious affiliation has been in question, mainly by people who don’t like him or disagree with his policies. In response to a question directed at him, President Obama gave his answer. He stated that he was a Christian and gave an explanation of how he made the choice to become a Christian. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be good enough for some. Groups like the American Family Association are not and never will be happy with someone who doesn’t agree with their political agenda. Too bad, salvation is by faith and not by political beliefs.

The problem with many Christian organizations is that they establish both a statement of faith and a statement of politics. Go against either one and there is a good chance you will be named an unbeliever or a heretic. Those who make accusations about another’s faith based on politics fail to look at the 12 disciples. The spectrum went from a conservative (Matthew, the tax collector)  to a radical (Simon the Zealot). Matthew worked for the government a despised government I might add. While Simon wanted to throw the Romans out. Yet, Christ embraced both as part of His inner circle. There’s a lesson there if we bother to listen.  Christians can disagree on political views and still accept each other as Christian. Our political discourse has become decidedly uncivil. The biggest contribution that we can make is to foster civility in our public debates.

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