That Burning Desire

Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center has marked September 11th as a day for all good Christians to burn Korans. This is to make a statement about the 9/11 attacks. Here’s a short interview with Jones from CNN:

What I find offensive about Pastor Jones’ attitude is his complete disregard/disrespect for all those of the Islamic faith. While Pastor Jones is magnanimous in allowing that Muslims are welcome in our country and welcome to worship, their scripture is not welcome. Jones claims that he wants to stop Islamic law. When asked if he would like it if some Muslims wanted to burn his Bible he said “No, but it is their right.”

No where in the Bible that I read do I see a verse that says “Let’s intentionally offend those who don’t believe as I do.”. I wonder how many converts Pastor Jones is planning on picking up among Muslims as a result of his Koran burning? Wouldn’t it be better to start ministering to Muslims than to offend them?

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  1. This sort of stuff drives me nuts!!!!!!!!

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