Jesus Loves Strippers

One of my frustrations with Christianity is that the Church (for the most part) has trouble relating to sinners as they are. We spend an awful lot of time trying to change people before they come to church. I believe that this is due to the fact that we really don’t trust the  Holy Spirit to work in people’s lives.So, much of ministry is spent trying to change people’s behavior before they become Christians.

It’s very easy to hand a tract to someone and be on your way. It’s much more difficult to become a part of someone’s life, befriend them, and deal with the messiness of life. However, that’s what most people need.It’s also what Jesus did

There’s a ministry in Waco, Tx called “Jesus Loves Strippers”. It’s run by a husband and wife team Brett and Emily Mills with a few volunteers. Emily and the female volunteers bring bags of gifts to the strippers in their dressing rooms. From the story:

Every month, the couple and about a half-dozen volunteers hit the Waco strip club circuit — Sonny’s BYOB, Show Time and Two Minnie’s — with bags of gifts from local sponsors filled with makeup, cookies, bandages and school supplies in August.

Wearing purple “Jesus Loves Strippers” T-shirts, Emily Mills and the female volunteers approach the dancers in their dressing rooms early in the night. They use the gift bags as ice-breakers and, more often than not, conversations flow from there.

The volunteers don’t bring Bibles. They don’t launch into talk about God.There’s a ministry in Waco called Jesus Loves Strippers.

Here’s what I think is the most important point in the story (emphasis mine)

“Only God can change a person,” said Emily Mills, a 32-year-old mother of three. “Our goal is not to go in and change them, but make them realize that God loves them no matter what they do and where they are.”

Anyone from the anti-gay or anti-abortion movements reading? Changing people’s lives is God’s domain. We’re here to show love and compassion, not hatred and disdain. Too many of our attempts to communicate with non-Christians are loaded with judgment. Which is why many people don’t take us seriously. Spend your life judging other people and soon no one listens.

Brad and Emily have the concept of ministry down. They are helping the people who Jesus wanted to reach and have answered the question WWJD. Those who have lives that are messy, complicated, and hopelessly confused. Jesus likes a challenge.

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