A Criticism Of Kinkade

In doing some reading about Thomas Kinkade , I found this critique of his work. I thoroughly enjoyed this critique because it gave voice to some of the feelings that I’ve had about his work. While most critiques start off with “he is a schlock artist” and go down from there, this critical review from First Things is a fair review and gives some contrasts between his earlier work and later work.

“How did Christian art go from Rembrandt to Kinkade?” I asked, knowing full well any criticism of Thomas Kinkade, the self-proclaimed (and trademarked) Painter of Light™, would lead to howls of protest.  Kinkade is, as his website proclaims, “America’s most collected living artist.” He has sold over ten million works and his art or licensed product, which includes wallpaper, tableware, stationary, and La-Z-Boy chairs and sofas, is estimated to be in one in ten homes in the U.S. He has even “inspired” a novel (Cape Light), a TV-movie (“Home for Christmas”) and planned communities (“The Gates of Coeur d’Alene” in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, “The Village at Hiddenbrooke,” outside of San Francisco, et al.). His admirers are legion, especially among evangelical Christians.

Really excellent review.Read the rest of the review here at First Things

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  1. Does this mean that I have to take down the signed print of Conquering Storms we have hanging over the bed? I bought this print for my wife because I do like the art…sort of a whimsical impressionism if you will. But, yeah, the Evangelical connection coupled with the commercialism is a little too syrupy sweet if you ask me. Nice entry.


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