God’s Lessons

A week or so ago I received an email from a missionary couple who had just returned to their field. They ran into a couple of rough spots upon their return and asked for prayer. No big deal, only this statement stuck out at me.

“…which has brought us to our knees wondering what the Lord is trying to teach us.”

It’s natural that when problems arise, we try to look for purpose or reason as to why the problem happened. Christians often look for that reason in a lesson from God. This makes every rough spot, every trial into a “teachable moment” from God. While I believe that times of trial can often be “teachable moments”, I question why we have to ask God what He is trying to teach us. If He is an all loving God, wouldn’t He just tell us what He is trying to teach us? First we must figure out what He is trying to teach us, then we must learn the lesson. Seems like a big waste to me.

Not every trying time is an intended lesson from God. God can use the trying times to teach us, mold us, and perfect us. Do I really need to wonder what God is trying to teach me? Probably not. I do, however, need to be open to His teachings. This is not simply a semantic shift. It is a major thought realignment.

We don’t learn life lessons one at a time. Contrary to what we may think single incidents may not always have a profound effect on our thinking.Life lessons (patience, humility,trust in God) are usually long term lessons that need to be reinforced over and over.

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